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Delayed ejaculation is the third most common male sexual dysfunction – after erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This condition occurs when a man needs an extended period of time to achieve an orgasm and expel his semen. Some men need a half an hour or more to ejaculate. And in severe cases, a man cannot ejaculate at all. This dysfunction can result from psychological, physiological, or medical causes. XploZion is reported to be the remedy for delayed ejaculation. Let’s see how it works.


What XploZion Is


Xplozion will help you experience a new – unknown – level of satisfaction, and you will please your partner as never before.


This 100% natural and cost-effective supplement is an excellent solution to ejaculation dysfunction in men. The herbs will improve your sexual performance and boost your sex life.


The product is manufactured by BeaMonster that sells natural sexual enhancement supplements for men and women.


How XploZion Works


Delayed ejaculation


This dietary supplement is categorized as an ejaculate volume enhancer that helps men have larger and healthier loads of semen resulting in longer-lasting, more intense, and more satisfying orgasms.


The formula of herbs and botanicals provides the male body with all necessary vitamins and nutrients to improve ejaculate quantity and quality. The combination of vasodilators, antioxidants, and reproductive health support agents, helps improve sexual and reproductive health in men. And the healthier you are, the more vigorous semen you expel.


You are recommended taking two capsules every day. The ingredients can get accumulated in your body, and you are ready to perform whenever you want. You may also take the supplement when needed – about one hour before your sexual activity.


The product causes no adverse reactions, but you may experience upset stomach, nausea, or allergic reactions. If you take any medication, you should visit and consult your healthcare provider as it may negatively interact with XploZion.


XploZion Formula


This male enhancement supplement contains:


  1. Vitamin C that helps due to its antioxidant properties protect the body from any damage, which may be caused by free radicals. The vitamin is also effective in improving blood flow and blood circulation in the sexual system;
  2. Zinc that is an important mineral, playing an important role in body processes and immunity. Zinc is believed to boost sexual functions, increasing sexual desire and stamina. This ingredient also enhances the production of sperm by increasing testosterone levels;
  3. Vitamin B-12 that is essential to our red blood cells and their production. This vitamin is significant to the production of myelin that insulates nerve fibers and keeps electrical impulses moving through our body;
  4. Maca Root that has been used since the times of the Incan civilization to increase stamina and boost energy. The root is believed to possess stimulating properties and work as an aphrodisiac. The ancient Peruvians ate this herb to enhance male sexual potency and libido. In addition, it helps treat impotence and fertility problems;
  5. Vitamin E that is an oxidant vitamin protecting your body, its cells, tissues, and organs from free radicals. Recent studies have shown that it supports hormone production in men, who suffer from sexual dysfunction.


Pygeumafricanum bark, Swedish flower extract, and pine bark extract are other ingredients that complete the formula and make it more powerful and effective for men.


Where to Purchase XploZion




The supplement is available on the official website of its manufacturer, BeaMonster Company. A 20 capsule bottle will cost you USD 19.99. However, you may save your money when you order a 60 capsule bottle for USD 36.99. When you purchase more bottles, the company offers some free. If you have received your order with any defects, you may send it back within 14 days.


You can find a lot of sex toys and accessories on the website and add any to your order to make your sex life more interesting and impressive. 

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