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VigRX Delay Spray
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VigRX Delay Spray

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What do women expect in the bedroom? This question is topical and disturbs thousands of men. And the most of the guys know women are seeking for incredible sexual sensations and the pleasure of orgasms. Ideally, women want that sexual encounters last for 23 minutes (based on the survey of 1,500 women aged 20 to 50). These things seem to be obvious and usual within intimate relations between a man and a woman.


However, in fact, studies show that the majority of women live without them. About 41% of women said they were sexually dissatisfied as their men ejaculated earlier than they would like to. And 40% of women (of 1,500 surveyed) confirmed that ejaculation control was very important in sex.


Yes, a lot of men suffer from premature ejaculation and can’t satisfy their female partners in bed. In such a case, you should consider buying some products that can help you take your irresistible desire to climax under control. And VigRX Delay Spray may be the very product you need.


About VigRX Delay Spray


VigRX is a desensitizing spray designed for men to help them last longer in the bedroom, double sexual stamina, extend the pleasure, increase partner’s satisfaction, and boost male confidence. 


VigRX Delay Spray Formula


The desensitizer is formulated with one active ingredient – benzocaine. This is a mild local anesthetic that has been used for ages to alleviate pain by desensitizing the nerves in the body. Besides, some companies have started adding this component to condoms to prolong male endurance and improve their sexual performance.


A lot of manufacturers add lidocaine – as an anesthetic – to help men combat premature ejaculation. However, some studies have demonstrated that benzocaine is stronger and more promising for men, who want to stay active longer in bed.


VigRX Delay Spray in Action


VigRX Delay Spray in Action

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Benzocaine is absorbed into the stratum corneum of the penile tissue, the nerves in the male genitalia get relaxed, and the penile stimulation is reduced. In other words, VigRX Delay Spray tells the nerves to slow down by desensitizing them and prolong a sexual encounter. Thus, men can control their ejaculations and climax significantly later.


You are recommended spraying one to three applications on the shaft and glans of your penis and rub the product into it until the product is fully absorbed. Wait 10 minutes before you start your sexual activity. You may wipe your penis with a towel before sex or use a condom with the spray.


Customers say that the desensitizer does start acting in 10 minutes (in average), and its effects last for 20 to 30 minutes. If you see that you are ready to release your load earlier, you may spray again to prolong your endurance. You are free to make up to three applications or as advised by your health-care provider.


Usually, benzocaine does not cause any side-effects when used as instructed. This anesthetic is well-tolerated and non-toxic. But over-application of a topical product can lead to some adverse effects, including irregular heartbeat, seizure, or respiratory depression.


You should not use the product on the damaged skin or when you or your partner has allergic reactions to benzocaine. If you notice skin irritation, please rinse off the spray with warm water and soap.


10 minutes


Enhanced sexual stamina, increased pleasure


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Places to Purchase VigRX Delay Spray


If you have decided that this product is right for you, you are recommended making your order on the official VigRX Delay Spray website to avoid scammers and undesired effects. The company offers one bottle of the spray (1-month supply) for USD 49.95 and discounts for larger orders. Thus, you may buy three-month supply for USD 129.95 or six-month supply for USD 219.95.


You may pay for your purchase by banking cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, EuroCard) or PayPal. An innovative encryption security technology is used, so your online order is safe.


All VigRX orders are processed within two days (48 hours) and delivered by a courier:


  1. 2-3 days when you choose express shipping;
  2. 7-10 days when you choose standard shipping.


Purchase VigRX Delay Spray


All packages are discreet, and no one can guess what is inside. That’s why you should not worry that your partner or anybody else know what you use to last longer in bed.


You also have 60 days (two-month supply) to try this desensitizer. If you are dissatisfied with what you have achieved, or you have noticed no effects, you may send the order back to get a full refund. Within a 67-day money back guarantee, the company will refund two opened bottles and all unopened bottles in full less handling and shipping fees. Please note that all returns must be received by the corporate warehouse within 67 days after you have received the order.


We do believe that VigRX Delay Spray is the product you have lacked in bed. Enjoy unbelievable sensations, prolonged performance, and explosive orgasms!

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This spray really helps! I use it everytime i feel I need some help to hold my ejaculation. Yes, this is a topical solution, but I don't need any other. It's cost effective, safe and comfortable to use


delay spray works awesome, it's everything you need to hold your ejaculation 2 times longer. It means 5 additional minutes for me. And you do not have to take any pills or learn exercises

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