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Premature sperm ejaculation is the word used in the sex life, which is the quick release of sperm. It usually gives disappointment to the couples, and it should be treated with proper medications to increase the long duration of healthy sex. Men often become weak by aging or by stress in their work. Loss of health and energy also affects their sex life by the loss of sexual desire, poor erection, and less stamina to do sex. Premature ejaculation is the problem in the sexual life of men, in which he cannot be able to control the release of sperm.


Promescent is a topical spray formulation available to prevent this sperm ejaculation within the short course of sex. It is available with rapid absorption technology, which can be applied shortly before sex, and it yields best results. It is a unique formula designed with particular attention to solving the ejaculation problems in men.


Promescent Product Description


Promescent is a topical spray available to improve the long duration of sex by application of this formula. It is a desensitizing spray available for men in a standard size, which is made up of Lidocaine to produce the desired results. It is a local spray applied to the penis 10 minutes before sex for sperm ejaculation management. It is a unique and easy product formulation than the other available products of pills, creams, gels, oils, and other formulations, which contains lidocaine for easy absorption into the skin. It is formulated in such a way for easy absorption through the skin to the nerve endings and acts by creating slight numbness to prevent premature release of sperms.

It was developed in the United States school of pharmacy with best absorption formula for easy and instant action on the topical application. It helps the men to manage their release of sperm only when they want to release for improved sexual performance. It is also recommended as an enhancer of sex, which allows last longer and improves the overall sexual wellness, and it is also recommended by the urologists for improved sex life. It is easy to use by just spraying, and it gives instant results by faster absorption.


Benefits of Promescent


It is a 100% legal product with FDA approval, which is safe to use. It will not transfer to your partner or does not cause any discomfort during sex. It increases the overall performance of having more fun with sex. It is available at a lower cost, which everyone can afford and suits for all pockets. It is made up of rapid absorption process to give instant results when used 10 minutes before sex. It is developed in the United States with more safety precautions to give protection effect for the user. It acts on the nerve ending by fast absorption and helps in the prevention of sperms by creating slight numbness. Read the label to get the authentic product and get safe use of it. It is very easy to get this spray by ordering through online.

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