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Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction where a man ejaculates shortly after he has started his sexual intercourse. In severe cases, a man can expel his semen before he has penetrated his phallus into a female vagina. Usually, it is quite difficult to determine the cause of such condition. In some men, it rarely occurs resulting from stress, anxiety, a long period of sex abstention. Frequent cases may result from physiological or medical problems, injuries or traumas.


Today, you can find a great variety of supplements, creams, and sprays, that claim to treat premature ejaculation, increase your sexual endurance, and improve your performance. Proloonging is one of them. Let’s see what it offers.


What Proloonging Is


Proloonging helps men keep their erection for a longer period of time, delay their orgasms, and enjoy sex in full. This spray is tasteless and odorless, so your partner will not know that you use it. Besides, your women will be impressed with your endurance and performance.


And a nice fact is that the product is manufactured and packed in the USA.


How Proloonging Works




This supplement contains Benzocaine that decreases sensitivity in male genitalia and, thus, helps control an orgasm and prevents men from premature ejaculation. When you apply Proloonging to your phallus, it becomes less sensitive, and you can last longer in bed.


This product is a water-based spray that can be applied directly to your genitalia. You should simply take few drops and spray the head and shaft of your penis three to five minutes before your sexual intercourse. You are recommended applying three or more sprays but do not exceed ten sprays.


As it is water-based, you may use the spray with condoms.


This product is designed only for external use, and you should avoid any contact with eyes and nostrils. You should wash your penis after your sexual encounter. If you apply the spray as directed and notice no improvement or relief, you should discontinue using Proloonging and consult your healthcare provider.


Proloonging is suitable for most men and usually leads to no side-effects. If you or your partner experiences rash or irritation, burning or itching, you should stop the use of the spray.


Proloonging Formula




The key active ingredient in the Proloonging formula is Benzocaine (7.5%). Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that is usually used as a topical pain reliever.


It is often added to different male enhancement products as it helps numb tissue and reduce its sensitivity, delaying ejaculations and prolonging the sexual intercourse. Some companies produce condoms with benzocaine to treat premature ejaculation in men.


Where to Purchase Proloonging


The spray is packed in an aluminum can containing 2 oz. of Proloonging (approximately 120 sprays).


The product is manufactured and distributed by Doc Johnson's in the USA, California. If you have decided that Proloonging is an excellent solution for you, you may visit the official website of the company and make your order.


You will pay USD 14.66 for one bottle of this spray. Sometimes, the company offers discount coupons for you to save your money. You may also get a 10% discount when you sign up. In addition, Doc Johnson's offers you a lot of attractive sexy toys and accessories to make your sex life more interesting and impressive. 

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