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Premature Ejaculation


Have you noticed that you expel semen earlier than you would like to? Has your sexual performance become shorter? This condition is known as premature or early ejaculation. It can reduce male self-confidence or affect your relationships.


Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction in men that occurs when they ejaculate shortly after the penetration into a female vagina. In severe cases, men may expel their semen before the sexual activity.


But it is not the time to look crestfallen; there is an effective way out. Today, the male enhancement market claims to have a lot of various products, promising to delay ejaculations, improve your erections, and make your orgasms more explosive.


In this article, we will review how Indian God Lotion solves this problem.


What Indian God Lotion Is


Indian God Lotion


Indian God Lotion prolongs your sexual performance and enhances endurance, improving your sexual sensations and increasing satisfaction. This lotion is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic. Thus, it works by reducing sensitivity in your penis and delaying orgasms with no traces and side-effects. It has been enjoying hundreds of men from around the world over 20 years. Indian God Lotion offers:


  1. To discontinue premature ejaculation;
  2. To extend sexual performance;
  3. To increase stamina during a sexual encounter;
  4. To ensure erections up to 60 minutes.


How Indian God Lotion Works


The lotion formula is based on Radic Asari. This safe and efficient herb helps numb penile tissues and reduces their sensitivity, making your erections longer-lasting. Thus, when you apply Indian God Lotions to your penis, it delays ejaculations.


Radic Asari


The instructions say that men should spray a thin layer of the lotion directly to the head of your penis 60 minutes before your sexual activity. And now you can enjoy sex anytime. It is reported that the effect of the supplement lasts up to 12 hours.


To gain the maximum results, you are recommended to apply one spray and wait for 30 minutes, and then apply the other spray and wait another half an hour. This will prevent premature ejaculation even if you take a shower.


If you want to have oral sex, Indian God Lotion is not an obstacle. It has no taste and odor and does not provide a numbing effect on the mouth.


The supplement does not deaden your erections but maintains them. This product is believed to be an excellent solution for men with the stamina to endure the prolonged sexual intercourses.


Indian God Lotion Formula


The key active ingredient in the product is Radic Asari (0.2%), a natural herb that has been used to alleviate pain for hundreds of years. This type of the Chinese ginger works by numbing penile contacts and reducing its sensations.


Indian God Lotion Formula


Indian God Lotion also contains:


  1. Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) that is used in cosmetical and topical pharmaceutical products to improve the absorption of other ingredients;
  2. Perfume (0.3%) to give a pleasant aroma to the spray;
  3. Water (29.5%).


Where to Purchase Indian God Lotion


The supplement comes in bottles containing on average 15 sprays. Indian God Lotion is available from online retailers, for example, and


Some sellers offer a money-back guarantee, and you are recommended choosing these retailers. Thus, you may receive your money back if you have not achieved the promised results. You may also get free shipping if your order is over the respective amount.


One lotion bottle costs USD 10.00 to 15.00.


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It is cool product, with it I am able to last 20 minutes longer, tham before


It works good. Really numbs the sensations

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