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Detailed review of Water Buddy Hydro Pump

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Water Buddy Hydro Pump


Do you fantasize about having a bigger penis? Welcome to the club. According to some statistics, over half of the male population wants a bigger penis. The same statistics show that the average length of the penis is 6.2 inches, while the circumference is about 5 inches. In case you are smaller than the average down there, then you definitely need to increase the size. Even if your woman is not complaining, she is probably wondering, how would sex look like, if you had a bigger penis. Some of them are left sexually unsatisfied because of this problem. 


So, the best idea is to look for a penis enlargement method suitable for you. Truth be told, you can’t expect to grow your penis overnight. However, there are some methods, which have proven to be effective for most men, and they will probably be effective for you too. We are not talking about penis enhancement pills, surgeries, or some rubbing and massaging techniques. Our advice is to use a penis pump, based on the latest technology in this field. Many satisfied users are emphasizing the benefits of using such pumps, but what is even more important, they have proof, that these devices actually work. In this article, you will find our review dedicated to Water Buddy Hydro Pump – one of the most used penis pumps today.


How does Water Buddy Hydro Pump function?

Just like any other pump, Water Buddy Hydro Pump relies on the vacuum. Namely, it creates a vacuum with the help of water and air and thanks to this vacuum you will witness the expansion of the tissue and skin in this area. The expansion is actually quite natural, because it works in a similar way like erections, and as we all know, men experience erections on a daily basis. So, by using this device on a regular basis and by allowing proper recovery time between each use, which is usually between 12 and 36 hours, the penile tissue should expand permanently.


When you use the Water Buddy Hydro Pump for the first time (the ordinary use lasts for about 15 minutes), during a full or partial erection, you should be able to see gains of around half an inch in length and about 0.75 inches in penis girth. But, these results are just temporary. It’s interesting that complete beginners in this field will witness even bigger gains because the tissues found in the penis are usually extremely tight. The gains you see will remain for no longer than 18 hours. These gains will be present regardless of the state of your penis – erected or flaccid. After some period of time (usually a few weeks), the gains you notice will remain, meaning that you will witness permanent results. As a result of improved blood circulation in this area, you will also enjoy firmer and more powerful erections.


What can you expect from the Water Buddy Hydro Pump


There are actually two different kinds of benefits/gains you can expect from this special pump. First of all, there are immediate results. As we have already mentioned, after using Water Buddy Hydro Pump for the first time and keeping it for 15 minutes on your penis, you will see gains of 0.75 inches in penis girth and 0.5 inches in length. The penis will be longer, even when it is in the flaccid state. These immediate gains last for less than one day. So, in the beginning, use the pump a couple of hours before sexual intercourses. Don’t forget that if you are using condoms, you will need larger condoms too.


Water Buddy Hydro Pump


The second kind of gains is the permanent results you get from this device. In case you are using this device on a regular basis for a certain period of time, the immediate results, we have mentioned before, will slowly become permanent. The situation is similar to lifting weights – you get temporary and permanent results.


Benefits to the sexual health


One of the things, that make Water Buddy Hydro Pump a good option for modern men, is that this pump solves few other problems and issues. 


Water Buddy Hydro Pump works by stretching the penis and expanding the veins located in this area. As a result of that, the circulation and blood flow increases. Experts have confirmed that improved blood flow makes the orgasms more intense and on top of that, they boost sexual stamina, which means that you can extend the time spent on the sexual activity. In addition, Water Buddy Hydro Pump also aids men dealing with specific health conditions like ED (erectile dysfunction) and premature ejaculation too. While it’s true that classic extenders and air penis pumps bring certain risks, Water Buddy Hydro Pump is based on water, and it is perfectly safe as long as you are using the device as instructed.


Advantages of using Water Buddy Hydro Pump


For starters, this is a very easy to use the pump. Even if you have never put a penis pump on the body, you won’t have problems doing this with Water Buddy Hydro Pump. This pump promises better thickness and length of the penis. It works perfectly well in the bath, shower, or with air. In addition, it improves sex life. Finally, the manufacturer is convinced, that this is a quality product, so they are providing one month no risk money-back guarantee.


Advantages of using Water Buddy Hydro Pump


Disadvantages of using Water Buddy Hydro Pump


The only downside is that the Water Buddy Hydro Pump can be bought only over the Internet. But, don’t forget that this is a convenient shopping method.




Water Buddy Hydro Pump is a unique penis pump because it relies on the power of water. This easy-to-use device will help you with many aspects of your sex life. Although it is a little bit expensive, it promises great returns.

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