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VigRX Plus
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Detailed review of Virility Pills VP-RX

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Virility Pills VP-RX


If you are a man, who is not entirely satisfied with the appearance and size of the penis, then you should know that this problem can be solved. The same goes for those experiencing some unpleasant erectile and sexual issues. We should never underestimate the importance of our sex life because many cases have shown that having a healthy relationship without sex is almost impossible. Unfortunately, there are thousands of men from all over the world, who are victims of problems like this.


On the other hand, most of them can get out of their misery with the right male enhancement pills. A huge number of experts claim that one of oldest male enhancement supplements on the market is actually one of the best supplements. For those, who didn’t know, we are talking about Virility Pills VP-RX. This product is available for almost a decade, and many men can confirm its efficiency. Yet, many men are still skeptical. If you are one of them, keep reading this review because we will present some interesting information that will probably make you try these pills.






Virility Pills VP-RX are recommended by doctors and healthcare experts because they come with a high number of natural libido enhancers and aphrodisiacs used as home remedies since ancient times. People in Asia, America, Africa, and Europe, have used them for many years whenever they needed help with their sexual performance. We will now highlight some of the most important ingredients in Virility Pills VP-RX.


  1. Cayenne fruit – numerous scientific studies have confirmed that cayenne supports blood circulation, and it does this in a unique way. Namely, it strengthens the blood vessels, the heart, and nerves that play a significant role in the cardiovascular system. In addition, cayenne fruit provides pain relief.
  2. Damiana – this is another example of ancient aphrodisiac, which was mostly used in Mexico. The famous Aztecs have used it as a powerful sexual stimulant. Today, Damiana is used in cases of impotence, sterility, and other sexual issues.
  3. Chinese Ginseng – Chinese people know how useful Ginseng can be especially when they feel fatigue and need more energy. Additionally, they use it to boost their libido. Chinese Ginseng also stabilizes blood pressure and helps people fight infertility, impotence, and premature ejaculation. Ginsenoside, a compound found in Chinese Ginseng, improves the blood flow to the brain and the penis.
  4. Muira Puama – now here’s an example of another popular sexual stimulant and all-natural aphrodisiac. In addition, naturopaths have used this plant to increase libido and help men eliminate erectile dysfunction.
  5. Saw Palmetto – Native Americans have used Saw Palmetto as a refreshing tonic. Many so-called love potions from these times contain Saw Palmetto as a primary ingredient. People in Europe have used it for treating enlarged prostate, and some have claimed that Saw Palmetto provides aphrodisiac effects.
  6. Catuaba – People from Brazil, especially the ones, who lived in isolated parts of Amazon, were relying on Catuaba whenever they needed an aphrodisiac. This plant provides excellent stimulation to the brain and helps men with impotence. It is also good to use Catuaba when you feel exhausted and tired because this plant can reenergize your body.


The science behind Virility Pills VP-RX


Virility Pills VP-RX


Virility Pills VP-RX are packed with nutrients, spices, seeds, and herbs that have a long history of success in treating blood circulation problems. As a result of their activities, Virility Pills VP-RX can guarantee stronger and longer erections. Additionally, the scientific team that created these medicines spent some time doing research before it finally found the right ratio between these ingredients.


The ingredients found in Virility Pills VP-RX are good not only for the blood flow but also for the work of the nervous system, which is another bodily system that directly affects sexual performance in men. The best part is that all these things are possible without any side effects. This is a huge problem for many other male enhancement pills because some of them are effective, but cause other problems in men, which are not acceptable. Your sexual health should not affect your overall health in a negative way.


What do Virility Pills VP-RX provide?


1 month

3 months


+0.5 inches to your penis length
+4% to your penis girth


More sexual pleasure and power, increased sex drive and sexual desire



+1 inch to your penis length
+8% to your penis girth


Harder, stronger erections, more stamina


6 months

12 months


+ 2 inches to your penis length
+15% to your penis girth


Reduced erectile dysfunction



+ 3.5 inches to your penis length
+25% to your penis girth


No premature ejaculation, more intense orgasms



The most significant benefit of using Virility Pills VP-RX is the fact that with their help men can significantly boost the size of their penis and make it stronger than ever before. The manufacturer claims that these pills can increase libido too and enhance performance in the bed. When users follow the strict instructions found in the package, Virility Pills VP-RX can help people maintain outstanding erections for hours. Of course, unlike other pills, Virility Pills VP-RX also allow users to control the erection, meaning that they can soften or harden the penis whenever they want.


What makes Virility Pills VP-RX attractive?


#1 VigRX Plus
607 votes
95% success rate
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Getting more action in the bed, witnessing stronger and bigger erections and satisfying sexual intercourses, are some of the things that Virility Pills VP-RX users can expect. There are many men, who find these tablets attractive because they are based on an all-natural formula. There are no potentially harmful ingredients found in this product.


Virility Pills VP-RX are a straightforward and easy way to get the most satisfying sexual performance and experience. Both men and their partners love the final results that this product provides. Virility Pills VP-RX are made in a unique laboratory that follows pharmaceutical standards. All the ingredients are tested and obtained from reliable sources before they are mixed and turned into effective male enhancement pills.


With the extra erection hardness, you can expect hours of intense sex and unforgettable experience with your partner.


Advantages of using Virility Pills VP-RX


Virility Pills VP-RX


  1. All the ingredients in Virility Pills VP-RX are natural herbs, seeds, and extracts that don’t bring any risks.
  2. The formula is good for penile enlargement, sex drive, and sexual performance.
  3. This is a non-invasive method of getting rid of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Virility Pills VP-RX improve stamina and endurance.


Disadvantages of using Virility Pills VP-RX


They can be purchased only over the Internet, but this is actually a more convenient way to get them.




Virility Pills VP-RX are an excellent natural male enhancement product that comes at a reasonable price. It promises improvement of erection quality, ejaculation intensity, and sexual performance.

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