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Pro-Largent Size
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What is Pro-Largent Size?


Pro-Largent Size


Pro-Largent Size is a natural penis enlargement formula tested in laboratories and approved by doctors. The supplement promises to:


#1 VigRX Plus
607 votes
95% success rate
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  1. Increase the penis size up to 3 inches;
  2. Increase the girth of the penis;
  3. Treat premature ejaculation;
  4. Boost sex desire and drive;
  5. Enhance semen quality and volume;
  6. Ensure powerful orgasms;
  7. Improve fertility;
  8. No side-effects.


When you read all the benefits the company offers, it seems to be a supplement that can do wonders. But is it so? Is it as effective as it claims? Let’s check its possibilities.


What ingredients does Pro-Largent Size contain?


Pro-Largent Size formula is based on ecologically clean and safe herbs:


  1. Ceratonia siliqua that increases libido and enhances mood.
  2. Ferula that is used as an aphrodisiac to increase sex desire and energy.
  3. Horny Goat Weed that includes, among others, icariin. It relaxes muscles, improves the blood flow, and increase your erections.
  4. Panax Quinquefolius (also known as American Ginseng) that improves copulatory behavior and increases libido.
  5. Tribulus Terrestris that helps the body produce testosterone and enhances sexual performance.


The product seems to be safe and effective as it contains different natural aphrodisiacs and sexual function enhancers. They help improve male sexual health and boost their self-confidence. So, it has no miracle herbs to do wonder as the company claims.


How does Pro-Largent Size work?


How does Pro-Largent Size work


Pro-Largent Size helps create new cells in the erectile tissues (the so-called Corpora Carvenosa), increasing their capacity. In this case, the corpora cavernosum can hold more blood that ensures fuller penis and firmer erections.


Besides, the supplement is reported to increase men’s libido, sex drive, and balance testosterone in the body.


Where to purchase Pro-Largent Size


You can order the supplement online – on an official website – for $99 per month supply. The company offers free shipping if you buy two or more bottles. The website does not provide any address, though the product is sold from Turkey.


What are Pro-Largent Size advantages and disadvantages?




  1. Natural herbs;
  2. Increased erection;
  3. No side-effects;
  4. Available online;
  5. Prescription-free.
  1. No proofs of 3-inch increase;
  2. High price;
  3. Not produced in cGMP laboratory;
  4. Discrepant claims.


Bottom Line


Pro-Largent Size is formulated using different natural aphrodisiacs and sex enhancers. Taking the pills, the customers may feel higher libido and better sexual drive and experience firmer erections.


#1 VigRX Plus
607 votes
95% success rate
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However, there are doubts that the supplement can create new cells and enlarge the penis as it does not contain enough herbs that are responsible for it. Besides, the male enhancement industry offers a lot of products that claim to treat erectile dysfunction, impotence, and premature ejaculation – they have a wider range of and more powerful medicinal herbs. So, the elimination of erectile dysfunction is also questionable.


An official website says that the Pro-Largent Size pills can be easily combined with any drugs you are prescribed. But you probably know that no clinic or doctor recommends you to mix medication unless you receive a professional advice. Some vitamin or herb blend can harm your health.


The supplement can improve some sexual functions, but we doubt that it can meet all its claims. The company seems to promise more than it can provide. You can try the pills, but don’t wait for a miracle to come. 

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This supplement changed my sex life! I always had a small penis and was very ashamed of it. Now it is 2 inches bigger and I am more confident and proud of it.

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