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Male Extra


Truth be told, people can’t expect to establish and maintain a good relationship and feel self-confident if their sex life is not satisfactory. We are not talking about miscommunication between partners or inability to find a partner – we are talking about cases of sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. Many men avoid these topics because they believe that talking about their sexual problems will make them look weak in the eyes of the others. Experts agree that this is just a prejudice, but even if you think so, you should know that there is a convenient solution that you can use discreetly – male enhancement pills.


After years of experiments, the pharmaceutical industry has managed to create helpful male enhancement pills that improve male sexual health on many levels. In many cases, they are focused on the elimination of erectile dysfunction and boosting sexual power. One of the many pills like this out there is Male Extra. These tablets have grabbed the attention of the public because there are many positive reviews associated with them found online. So, what are Male Extra pills and do they really work?






Prior to the use of any type of medication and supplement, it is crucial to spend some time doing research and learning more about the content of that particular drug/supplement. If you analyze the ingredients of Male Extra pills, you will definitely like what you see. Namely, these pills contain some proven and extremely effective ingredients. Since we don’t want to overwhelm you with unnecessary information, we will stick to the most important ingredients found in Male Extra.


  1. L-Arginine HCL – according to the manufacturer, this is the crucial element that provides most of Male Extra’s abilities. L-Arginine HCl is actually an amino acid, which the body turns into nitric oxide. Several scientific studies have confirmed that this amino acid boosts sexual performance in men and enhances the quality of erection. Some experts claim that four out of ten men suffering from ED have managed to improve their performance in the bedroom after taking L-Arginine HCL every day for 30 days.
  2. Zinc – in this case, Zinc comes in the form of citrate. Those, who have experienced in this field, know that Zinc stimulates the production of testosterone in men, and this hormone is directly related to the libido. On the other hand, lack of Zinc in the body can lead to weak erections.
  3. Niacin – Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is another essential ingredient found in Male Extra pills. The reason why niacin is present in Male Extra is very simple – this vitamin improves blood circulation, making blood vessels stress-free and prone to expansion. This means that men get stronger erections that last for a significant period of time.
  4. Cordyceps – Cordyceps is a kind of fungus, which is part of Chinese traditional medicine for hundreds of years. In the past, Chinese people used it to boost libido and sexual performance. Today, scientists have figured out how to use this ingredient in combination with other ingredients for best results.


In addition to these incredibly efficient components, Male Extra also contains pomegranate ellagic acid, methyl sulfonyl methane or MSM and L-methionine.


The science behind Male Extra Pills


The science behind Male Extra pills


As you are probably aware, good sexual experience for both partners depends on strong and powerful erection that lasts for a long time. On the other hand, this kind of erection depends on blood circulation.


Male Extra pills rely on a unique combination of tested ingredients that come from nature and expand the size, thickness, and stiffness of erections by supporting proper blood circulation all over the body, especially to the penis. A hard penis depends on the blood supply to the vessels found in it.


But, this is not the only way in which Male Extra helps men. When Male Extra manages to boost blood circulation, it also manages to supply cells with nutrients and oxygen faster, which prevents premature fatigue and increases stamina turning mediocre lovers into alpha males. Thanks to Male Extra, men, and their partners can experience something that they have never experienced before.


What do Male Extra pills provide?


1 month

2 months

+0.3 inches to your penis length and girth

Increased sexual drive

+0.6 inches to your penis length and girth

Bigger and harder erections

3 months

6 months

+0.8 inches to your penis length and girth

Improved sexual stamina

+2.6 inches to your penis length and girth

All-night staying power


Male Extra pills are here to help men with many sexual issues. For example, men can get harder and larger erections, which lead to better sexual experiences. Furthermore, these pills come with a money back guarantee offer that lasts for three months, which is something that you can’t find on other tablets. The package comes with promotional and educational material that will help you understand how these pills work and how to improve your sex life even more.


Finally, Male Extra pills are good not just for the size of the erection, but for the overall performance of men.


What makes Male Extra pills attractive?


There are many other male enhancement pills on the market, but only a few of them, including Male Extra, claim that they have more than 100.000 satisfied users and more than 10 million capsules sold. This is just one of the reasons why these pills are so popular.


They also come with strong natural blend of ingredients that were carefully selected in perfect dosages. Although you can buy them in physical pharmacies, you can also use the Internet to make an online order. This is a perfect solution for those, who are a little bit shy about their sexual issues.


Advantages of using Male Extra Pills


Advantages of using Male Extra Pills


  1. Male Extra is a product that contains natural, safe, and clinically-proven ingredients.
  2. Help men enjoy more powerful, larger, and harder erections.
  3. Boosts blood circulation to the penis.
  4. Rely on optimized dosages for quick results.
  5. An original mixture that can’t be found in other products of this kind.


Disadvantages of using Male Extra Pills


Some users say that the pills are a little bit expensive, but the results show that they are worth the investment.




If you are looking for tested male enhancement pills that have helped thousands of men enhance their sexual performance, then you can’t go wrong with Male Extra. 

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I bought six months supply of MaleExtra. This is a great erection booster, and I can recommend it to anyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction as I did. So, just take this pill as long as possible to rid off your erection problems. The results are impressive from the first week

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