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Detailed review of Profollica

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon



One in three residents of our country faces the problem of hair loss. And one in five suffers from alopecia. These are rather unpleasant changes in appearance that bring physical and psychological discomfort. In most cases, it's the male half of the population who suffer from alopecia, although women aren't immune to this problem either. This specific nature of the condition is connected with the negative impact of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hormone leads to dehydration of hair follicles, which results in their drying out and loss.


Profollica is the right solution to recover from alopecia quickly and steadily. The sophisticated approach envisages treating the condition not only on the outside but also from within the body. The tablets and the activator gel stabilize the level of the hormone inside the body and moisten the hair follicles on the outside.


The Profollica products are a development of the world-famous American pharmacological company Leading Edge Health. The high effectiveness of the product results from the careful monitoring of every production stage.


Description and Advantages of the Profollica Product


As of today, Profollica is one of the most efficient means to recover from alopecia entirely and permanently in a relatively short period. The treatment and prophylactic system include two products suitable for daily use. The main advantage of the Profollica complex is its suitability for both medical and preventive purposes. You can prevent alopecia at the initial stage when hair loss begins.


The tablets should be taken orally, with a plenty of water. You should apply the gel to the skin of the head. In addition to treating alopecia, the American remedy improves the general condition of your hair. The main advantages of the complex treatment are:


  1. Normalizing the blood circulation in the skin of your head;
  2. Nurturing and hydrating the hair roots;
  3. Normalizing oil secretion;
  4. Preventing the drying out of hair follicles;
  5. It strengthens the hair from the inside, making it durable, elastic, and protected from adverse external influences;
  6. Stimulating the growth of new and healthy hair;
  7. Eliminating the premature emergence of gray hair;
  8. Eliminating dandruff, etc.


Profollica: Composition and Use Instructions


Profollica doctor approved


Profollica is manufactured in the USA. The composition of the tablets includes:


  1. Amino acids;
  2. Proteins;
  3. Extracts of medicinal plants;
  4. Lots of nutrients;
  5. Enzymes.


These components work together to prevent the harmful effect of the DHT hormone on hair follicles.


The main active ingredient of the activator gel is a patented substance called Trichogen. This component normalizes oil secretion of the scalp, improves blood circulation, and prevents dandruff.


The tablets and the activator gel contain hypoallergenic components that favorably influence the process of treating alopecia. The treatment and prophylactic complex Profollica is clinically tested; therefore, it meets all current medical standards and norms.


The tablets are taken orally during meals twice a day. It's important to wash down the food supplement with a sufficient amount of water. The course of treatment is two months. The activator gel should be rubbed into the skin of the head with massage movements daily. It's better to perform the procedure in the evening so that in the morning you can wash your head. The course of treatment with the external application product is at least 110 days.


Why You Should Buy the Profollica Complex


Why You Should Buy the Profollica


Most people suffering from hair loss ask themselves the same question, “Why should I buy an expensive drug if I can use a more budget-friendly analog?” The secret formula of Profollica allows you to achieve an incredible result after just a month of treatment. Thanks to natural and safe components, you won't have to worry about negative consequences of the treatment.


Many cheap analogs only mask the problem instead of treating alopecia. Over time, this produces an adverse effect on the condition and quantity of hair. The American product Profollica helps to cure the condition from the inside.


Another question that worries many consumers is, “How long will I have to wait to see the first results of the treatment?” Having completed one course of therapy, you will forget about hair loss and alopecia once and for all. However, everything depends on the patient's physiological characteristics. For some people, just one course of treatment is sufficient, while others will have to complete one more course after a while to consolidate the result. As a rule, the Profollica treatment gives a noticeable effect after one month.


If having a bald head at the age of 40 is not what you want, then resort to the high-quality American compound product Profollica. This universal remedy will both prevent hair loss and make your hair healthy, strong, and beautiful.


Warranty and Delivery


Leading Edge Health offers a 100% warranty on the product's quality to every visitor of the website. This is confirmed by the corresponding certifications accompanying the Profollica products. The company's managers will provide all the necessary documents for the remedies upon the client's first request.


The Profollica remedies are delivered directly from the USA within the minimum period. In the territory of our country, the products are delivered to any express shipping company that is convenient for the customer. If you don't want to visit a postal department, it's no big deal. You can resort to a courier delivery service and have the anti-alopecia remedy delivered directly to your door.


The cost of the product indicated on the Profollica website is an affordable price that guarantees a high-quality treatment of alopecia. Loyal pricing is possible due to the company's direct cooperation with the manufacturer, excluding any disreputable intermediaries.


Profollica Is the Best of the Best


Profollica Is the Best of the Best


The modern world knows quite a large number of manufacturers selling medical remedies for hair loss and alopecia. The most significant competitors of Leading Edge Health are the following world-famous brands: Nisim, Provillus, Procerin, and others.


Noteworthy, only Profollica has a sophisticated approach to the treatment, using both the external gel and the oral nutritional supplements simultaneously. According to world statistics, unlike similar remedies, the Profollica treatment compound helps to recover from the existing hair loss problem in 99% of cases. Also, the products are suitable for both preventive and therapeutic purposes.


Considering the cost of other anti-alopecia remedies, Profollica is in good stead in this regard, too. The price of the Leading Edge Health products is 10-15% lower than the competitors' prices.


You’ll see the results the Profollica treatment after one month, while the majority of the competitors' remedies are characterized by the necessity to wait longer to achieve the desired effect. Worth noting, in most cases the result of the Profollica treatment retains for the rest of your life.


In conclusion, today the Profollica remedy compound produced by a well-known US pharmacological company is one of the most effective means for treatment and prevention of alopecia. The food supplement and the gel contain ingredients that hydrate and nurture hair follicles. The negative influence of the DHT male hormone is regulated effectively, which eliminates hair loss and alopecia.


The Profollica remedy has all the necessary quality certifications confirming it's an original and high-grade product. The affordable price is achieved through direct cooperation with the manufacturer.

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