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Increased hair loss is an unpleasant but prevalent problem that can spoil the life of both women and men. Usually, a person loses from 50 to 150 hairs per day. Premature dying of follicles leads to the fact that the hair falls out, and the new one no longer grows in its place. The cause of baldness lies in the deterioration of follicles, which are responsible for the growth rate, density, and strength of the curls.


The weakening of the roots adversely affects not only the volume but also the quality of the remaining curls as they have become noticeably thinner, brittle, and dehydrated. Inhairit will help to prevent hair loss. This remedy developed by professionals specifically to combat hair loss.


How Does It Work?


The Inhairit program aims to eliminate the causes of increased hair loss. The remedy acts from the inside, giving an unrivaled appearance of hair from the outside. A unique formula based on exotic herbs and natural extracts activates metabolic processes in the scalp, awakens the hair follicles, and improve not only the growth but also the condition of the hair along the entire length.


The effect of Inhairit products is radically different from the analogs in that this remedy does not cause a disorder of testosterone concentration in the blood. Its components do not cause an imbalance, as they only prevent the conversion of anabolic hormone into DHT so that the process of hair loss completely stops and their texture acquires a shine and smoothness. All products of the series are based on natural, hypoallergenic components, which helps to minimize the possibility of side effects.


Inhairit ingredients


The Inhairit consist of:


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  1. Eclipta white (Eclipta Alba), which strengthens follicles, accelerates growth, and prevents aging processes (thinning, appearance of gray hair);
  2. Dwarf palm extract (Saw Palmetto) blocks the conversion of testosterone to all-destroying dihydrotestosterone (DHT);
  3. Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) saturates the scalp and hair with vitamin C and silicic acid;
  4. Laminaria extract is a source of small molecular weight protein and organic acids, which strengthen follicles and stabilize the natural pH;
  5. Essential oils of mandarin, lavender, and basil revitalize tired hair and increase its density;
  6. Peppermint activates blood circulation, which then enhances the flow of oxygen to the problem zone;
  7. Extract of cayenne pepper stimulates blood flow and awakens long inactive follicles;
  8. Aloe Vera equalizes the structure of the hair along the entire length;
  9. Hydrolyzed wheat protein and starch smooth all micro roughness on the surface of the hair;
  10. Shea butter feeds the locks from the roots to the tips.


The program consists of 4 mutually complementary and reinforcing products. While creating Inhairit formulas, specialists took into account all the problems and needs of hair and scalp arising from baldness. Therefore, the integrated use of all the means of the series guarantees not only the prevention of hair loss but also the restoration of follicles prone to degradation.


Inhairit complex includes:


  1. Soft Hair Growth Shampoo for gentle cleansing. It removes excess sebum and keratinized particles from the surface of the epidermis and restores the natural pH balance. While creating a formula, specialists took into account the fact that this problem is often accompanied by excessive sweating, itchy and dandruff. Therefore, shampoo not only cleans but also soothes inflamed skin.
  2. Topical Herbal Hair Tonic enhances blood circulation, awakens the hair follicles, and accelerates the metabolism in the scalp. Activation of all processes contributes to the renewal and improvement of follicles, due to which the skin acquires the missing tonus, and the growth of hair is markedly accelerated.
  3. Protein bases Thickening Hair Conditioner restores micro damages, nourishes the roots of hair, and saturates them with useful ingredients along with the entire length. The balm leaves behind an invisible membrane that prevents dehydration and imparts a missing volume to the hair.
  4. A compound of vitamins Hair Growth Supplement is necessary for the body to prevent baldness. It contains such rare components as Eclipta Alba, Burhavia Diffuse, fruits of the Emblica and Neem tree, due to which the effect of using the supplement exceeds the result from any other vitamins.


Inhairit hair loss remedies can be used individually or in combination, depending on the problems they solve. Long-term research has shown that high concentration and the right combination of natural ingredients can prevent baldness in both men and women, regardless of the cause of its appearance.


Inhairit products


The Result of Using the Program Products


Inhairit compound guarantees complete stop of unwanted processes, as well as restoration of "asleep" follicles, renewal and rejuvenation of hair along the entire length. The first results of using Inhairit will be noticed after three months of systematic application, and the full recovery of the volume is in 6-9 months. For a more persistent and noticeable result, it is recommended to prolong the course, until the problem is eliminated and the desired thickness and length are restored.


Thanks to numerous experiments, own research and development, experts are confident in achieving an unsurpassed result from the use of Inhairit products, regardless of the complexity and depth of the problem. Therefore, all the means of the series are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Thousands of people have already experienced their healing effect on themselves. Order products Inhairit to forget forever about increased hair loss, bald patches, lack of volume and tarnish! Just add the right product to cart, and we will deliver it to any specified city.

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